by Cetus

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released January 1, 2009

Erich Kriebel: Vocals
Matt Hollenberg: Guitar
Evan Williams: Guitar
Mike Coonan: Bass
Matt Buckley: Drums


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Cetus Lansdale, Pennsylvania

5-piece metal dude cluster from the greater Philadelphia area.

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Track Name: Sleep
Wake up. Open our eyes. Free our minds to hypocrisy and complacency.
We'll cling to whatever will ease our minds.
We blind ourselves and drink the blood money down.

Wake up. Try to see all of this mind-numbing propaganda and then sleep.

Dream of conspiracy, of slaying a great beast, disconnected from anything human, a great destroyer.

A destroyer, not a creator. We blind ourselves.

Wake up. Try to see all of this mind-numbing propaganda and then sleep.

We're victims? Look at our profits.
We are all hostile, we're blind to our evil. Wake up.
Wake from your dream. You've protected yourself. We chose this.
We are all hostile, we're blind to our evil. Wake up.
It's easy to play the victim. It's easy to cry.

How can we change this? What are we willing to give up?
You profit from all that you say you resent, so shut up.

Or sleep and cling to these dreams, hold on to this good life you have.
Track Name: The Riptide
Again, we are standing here on the cliffs above the sea as night falls. The wind rushing at our backs. We watch the waves. Listen for the voices.

Do you see them out there? Past the breakers... so far.

All I see is the surf. My eyes strain in the dark. Now the wind roars against me as if the sea was inhaling.

Can you hear them calling? Mostly drowned out by the breakers. The waves. The tide. It is pulling them out to sea.

They'll try and swim, thrash against the current until they fight free.

While we're losing sight. We should save them. Why won't we try? Why would we fail? We've lost the sun. We have to try, but we stand here watching.

We turn, face the wind. We can not advance. We are captive here at the cliff's edge.

We're losing sight. Now face the wind. What does it want? It won't calm down. Why won't it stop? It won't give up.

Now I can hear them call.

The tide makes them weak. We must try and search for them now. We must leave now while now while they are still in sight.

Coward, leave now or they die.

No, we stand here. We just watch. Their blood is on our hands. We turn our backs to the sea.

Face the wind now. It's calming down. It's given up. It has tried for too long. As the night ends we're free.

I know we will return.
Track Name: Seven Days
A small spark has gone unnoticed in the night sky.
And once noticed, they told us its course.
And once noticed, some refused to look up.

Seven days before the end will come. Seven days.
The burning light is growing in the sky. My vision is failing as it bleaches everything around me.

Some cried to their gods, some continued to toil as the most faithful launched the missles.
Some searched for their faith, some dug deep in the earth as others gathered doomed possessions.

And once noticed, some let it burn in their eyes. Now they lay in shallow, open graves... watching it descend... the empty missles that rush to meet their fate... the inescapable, ever-growing white light.

One glance and they've amassed in the arena. A mess of romans fully pissed as they cheer a mess of steadfast men devoted to controlling death.

A small spark has gone unnoticed in the night sky.
And once noticed, I heard of its course.
And once noticed, I'll admit I looked up. I couldn't tear my eyes away.

And upon the seventh day, I was aware. As I watched I found my place.

Seven days before the end will come. Seven days.
The burning light is growing in the sky. My vision is failing.
Seven days left to live. We survive.
Track Name: Centrifuge
Trapped here in this centrifuge. Soul separated from my body and mind. I am forced to see myself.
Oil on water on grains of sand. Rotate and settle out so I can see them. I am forced from sleep.

My dreams stay with me. My eyes still see them.

Latent images influence every action. Quiet rhetoric influences every thought. Cuts out our eyes and deafens our ears. Molding out dreams to spark consumption.

What is real? What part of myself was molded from within?

This veil over my eyes grew underneath the skin meant to be mine. It's clouding my thoughts.

What needs, what desires, what love and what hatred is my own?

All I want is the freedom of clarity. This centrifuge will tear their masks right off.

Look to the street and see the scene that is going to fix this. Deadened by the days of this redundant life. Deadened by the call of quiet voices.

This centrifuge will tear their masks right off.

Open their eyes to all things behind them. Open their ears to the voice inside them.

We must see this world through this centrifuge. I'll always need this time to rediscover our love and our hate.
Track Name: Calling the Speaker
Come speak the truth. Let me grieve. The tree on the hill has fallen in a storm.

They say, "Dear God, the shade is gone." They ask, "And how? It seemed so strong."

I can't answer them. I don't understand.

But I have seen rotten roots and tasted sour fruit. And I saw the storm descend. I heard the old wood groan.

They cry, "We've lost a place to rest." They say, "You've lost a thorn in your side."

No. I tried to understand. No. Maybe I gave up but I did care.

Gave it water. Gave it sun. We may have tried to save it, but it won.

We all saw the storm roll in. We all waited for the wind to blow.

I need a speaker to help me grieve. I need a speaker to help me heal.

Speak for the dead. I'm not sure he could speak for himself. I don't think he knew.

Come soon. Don't let me die waiting.

Speak for the dead.

I'll hear you now. I'll hear the truth. I'll hear you, speaker.

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